Sunday, 13 November 2011

I'm a celebrity!

I'm a celebrity get me out of here! Never understood it really! What a stupid name..I mean don't go in if you want to go out? The show is so pointless! You go in a 'jungle' have a shortage of food, get bitten by all sorts and eat crocodile parts! Can't see the fun side!

The only good thing about the show has to be Ant and Dec, just listening to them seems to make me laugh! The contestants always contain bimbos, boring old losers and the obvious winner! Surely the producers know that putting Katie Price clones in is not going to work! Worrying about breaking a nail won't go down well while putting your hands in goo trying to find golden stars!

I would never think of going into the jungle! All that hard work and horrible tasks to collect a wooden prize when you win! I could make that in school with out eating donkey testicles! It's hardly a big win! What I don't understand is why when you win a task you get to go sleep in a little cabin with a're still going to get bitten by every bug in the world!

I must admit, last year I was glued to the program, this is only because of Gillian Mckeith ! So maybe not every woman that go on the show is a Katie Price! Hand down Gillian Mckeith was the most annoying human being known to man! She had to moan about everything! I think she deserved every single task she was given! DON'T GO ON THE SHOW IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT!

A second chance (and worth keeping pink hair)

During the X-factor auditions a 17 year old girl named Amelia Lily stunned the public with her powerful voice! The judges loved her as did the voters. She had beautiful long blonde hair that any girl would love to have!

She gets through to the live shows and ends up in Kelly Rowland's group. Every act gets a make over, some look better after it, some look worse! They had cut all her hair off and died it pink! Definitely worse. Surely after ruining her hair they would keep her through! On the first live shows there is a twist and every judge has to send one of their acts home! Amelia did a strong performance but sadly was not good enough to go through.

After Frankie Cocozza went home every act that went home on the first night got a chance to come back! The public had to vote for the act they wanted to see back in the competition, so these hopefuls had 48 hours to rehears a Queen or Lady GaGa song and wait to hear if they got through!

Of course the amazing Amelia Lily won the public over and performed her song. If she had been practicing for a 7 days it would have been a weak song but for 48 hours she smashed it! She was at the same level as the other contestants and they have been singing for 6 weeks!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Exams, Exams and more exams!

Being in GSCE year is a hard task, not only with the pressure of teachers but the pressure of your parents trying to get you to pass everything. My food tech exam is one of many exams that I've had to do! Having to remember so many things I seemed less concentrated on food tech thinking I knew everything I needs too!

When I got my results back I scored a rather disappointing 19 out of 30 and needing 20 out of 30 I failed! So with my resit in site I revised loads and got an impressive 25 out of 30!

Sometimes I think teachers believe us students are super humans! Being able to remember loads of stuff and then getting A's in every subject is rather hard! I'd like to know how straight A students seem to lock everything in their brains! They defiantly are super humans!

My teachers seem to shove every little detail they can possibly think of down my throat in the first 5 minuets of a lesson! I don't see how they think me going from History to Maths to Food tech is going to make me pass my exams! By the time I get to my 4th lesson I've forgotten what I learnt in 1st lesson! School these days!

Frankie goes home!

The X-factor has always been on my top things to watch on a Saturday night..especially when Frankie Cocozza auditioned! He never had the best voice but he had that charm that makes all girls my age want to see more! Don't get me wrong..I always knew there were better singers, but Frankie had my vote, he was the rebel of the group, the young lad!

Every live show they would show what the contestants had been doing the last week and of course being a teenage boy he had been out on the prowl! Frankie seemed to get worse over the weeks, Louis Walsh even said Frankie had lost his swagger! Does Louis even know what that means?! Maybe Louis was right because I seemed to move on and lose my obsession with him!

After a disastrous performance last Saturday night, he made it through! Being the young over-the-top-boy he was had his own ways of celebrating, but this kind of celebration is forbidden! He only got himself kicked off the X-factor!

Even though he wasn't the best performer he had the energy! He had the chance that some teenage boys would die for! Covered in girls and cameras following him everywhere! Couldn't he just keep his bad behavior on the down low until the he was booted off by the public? Well I do think he deserved it! Behaving like that could get ITV in trouble! Oh well! It's all about Marcus Collins;)!