Saturday, 12 November 2011

Exams, Exams and more exams!

Being in GSCE year is a hard task, not only with the pressure of teachers but the pressure of your parents trying to get you to pass everything. My food tech exam is one of many exams that I've had to do! Having to remember so many things I seemed less concentrated on food tech thinking I knew everything I needs too!

When I got my results back I scored a rather disappointing 19 out of 30 and needing 20 out of 30 I failed! So with my resit in site I revised loads and got an impressive 25 out of 30!

Sometimes I think teachers believe us students are super humans! Being able to remember loads of stuff and then getting A's in every subject is rather hard! I'd like to know how straight A students seem to lock everything in their brains! They defiantly are super humans!

My teachers seem to shove every little detail they can possibly think of down my throat in the first 5 minuets of a lesson! I don't see how they think me going from History to Maths to Food tech is going to make me pass my exams! By the time I get to my 4th lesson I've forgotten what I learnt in 1st lesson! School these days!

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