Saturday, 12 November 2011

Frankie goes home!

The X-factor has always been on my top things to watch on a Saturday night..especially when Frankie Cocozza auditioned! He never had the best voice but he had that charm that makes all girls my age want to see more! Don't get me wrong..I always knew there were better singers, but Frankie had my vote, he was the rebel of the group, the young lad!

Every live show they would show what the contestants had been doing the last week and of course being a teenage boy he had been out on the prowl! Frankie seemed to get worse over the weeks, Louis Walsh even said Frankie had lost his swagger! Does Louis even know what that means?! Maybe Louis was right because I seemed to move on and lose my obsession with him!

After a disastrous performance last Saturday night, he made it through! Being the young over-the-top-boy he was had his own ways of celebrating, but this kind of celebration is forbidden! He only got himself kicked off the X-factor!

Even though he wasn't the best performer he had the energy! He had the chance that some teenage boys would die for! Covered in girls and cameras following him everywhere! Couldn't he just keep his bad behavior on the down low until the he was booted off by the public? Well I do think he deserved it! Behaving like that could get ITV in trouble! Oh well! It's all about Marcus Collins;)!

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